The cumulative impact of sexual revictimization on emotion regulation difficulties: An examination of female inmates

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The present study examined associations between child sexual abuse (CSA), adult sexual victimization, and emotion regulation difficulties in a sample of 168 incarcerated women. Approximately 50% of the participants reported CSA, 54% reported adult sexual victimization, and 38% reported sexual revictimization (i.e., CSA and adult victimization). Revictimized women reported significantly greater difficulties with several facets of emotion regulation when compared to singly victimized and nonvictimized women. Interestingly, singly victimized women did not demonstrate greater emotion regulation deficits when compared to nonvictims. Findings suggest that the negative impact of victimization experiences on adult emotion regulation abilities may be cumulative. Furthermore, they highlight the potential importance of assessing and targeting emotion regulation difficulties among child abuse and adult sexual victimization survivors.

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JournalViolence Against Women
Issue number8
StatePublished - Aug 1 2011



  • child sexual abuse
  • emotion dysregulation
  • female inmates
  • sexual revictimization

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