Reproductive performance and variation in body weight during annual cycles for crossbred beef cows with different genetic potential for milk.

M. Montaño-Bermudez, M. K. Nielsen

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Reproductive performance and body weights were studied in 81, 79 and 88 spring-calving beef cows from three groups, reasonably similar in growth rate and mature size but different in level of milk production (low [L] = Hereford x Angus, medium [M] = Red Poll x Angus and high [H] = Milking Shorthorn x Angus). Milk group did not have a significant effect on dates of first postpartum estrus and first and last breeding or in the intervals from calving to first estrus, to first breeding and to last breeding. A significant age-of-cow x milk-group interaction was found for pregnancy rate (PR, P less than .10) and calf-crop percentage (CC, P less than .05). In heifers, PR and CC were lowest for the L (85.6 and 73.6%) and highest for the M group (94.2 and 92.5%); in 2-yr-olds there were no differences, and in older cows, PR was highest for the L (94.8%) and lowest for the H group (91.6%), and there were no differences in CC. As estimated from Brody's growth curves, mature sizes were 530 +/- 5.7, 471 +/- 4.6 and 499 +/- 4.2 kg for the L, M and H groups, respectively. Of weights taken on four occasions during the year, October weight was the highest for all cows. February weight, minus the estimated gravid uterus weight, was the lowest for L and M cows, and May weight was lowest for H cows. Weight fluctuation over an annual cycle was greatest for the L group. Under these experimental conditions, cows in all groups were able to consume sufficient energy and gain or lose body reserves to achieve similar reproductive performance while differing in lactation performance.

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Pages (from-to)2289-2296
Number of pages8
JournalJournal of animal science
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - Aug 1990


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