Reproductibilité et valeur pronostique des classifications histopathologiques des lymphomes malins. Prolégomènes pour une première classification internationale proposée par l'OMS. Groupe du projet de classification des lymphomes malins non-hodgkiniens.

Translated title of the contribution: Reproducibility and prognostic value of histopathological classifications of malignant lymphomas. Prolegomena for the 1st international classification proposed by WHO. Group of the non-Hodgkin's Malignant Lymphoma Classification Project

J. Diebold, D. Weisenburger, K. A. MacLennan, H. K. Müller-Hermelink, B. N. Nathwani, N. L. Harris, J. R. Anderson, P. Roy, J. O. Armitage

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Different histopathologic classifications have been used in the study of malignant lymphomas. The clinical relevance (reproducibility, prognostic value) has not been precisely studied. The "non-Hodgkin's lymphoma classification project" has been organized to study a cohort of 1,403 cases in 9 sites around the world consisting of consecutive patients seen between 1988 and 1990 in order to have a good follow-up. The reproducibility of the up-dated Kiel and the ILSG (REAL) classifications between the 5 visiting expert hematopathologists was pretty good, at least 85% for the majority of the entities. According to survival curves, the lymphomas can be stratified in 4 different groups. Comparison with the international prognostic index demonstrate that for therapeutic strategy both histopathology and index should be used. The results bring a good support to the project of the WHO to propose the first international classification of lymphomas based on both forme classifications.

Original languageFrench
JournalBulletin de l'Académie nationale de médecine
Issue number7
StatePublished - 1998
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