Propene polymerization using ansa-metallocenium ions: Excess activator effects on polymerization activity and polymer microstructure

Abdulaziz Al-Humydi, Jered C. Garrison, Wiley J. Youngs, Scott Collins

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The initial and steady-state rates of propene polymerization using the metallocene complexes Me 2X-(Cp)IndZrMe 2 (1, X = C, Si) and Me 2C(Cp)FluZrMe 2 (2) activated with B(C 6F 5) 3 increase in the presence of excess borane; the kinetic data are consistent with two different forms of the propagating catalyst in equilibrium with each other in the presence of excess borane. The ratio kplki for the ion pair [Me 2C(Cp)IndZrMe][MeB(C 6F 5) 3] (3) is sensitive to the presence of excess borane, while the molecular structure of 3 reveals strong ion pairing in the solid state. Variable-temperature NMR spectra of (Me 2C(Cp)IndZr 13Me][ 13 MeB(C 6F 5) 3] in the presence of excess borane are consistent with the doubly activated intermediate Me 2C(Cp)IndZr{(μ- 13Me)B(C 6F 5) 3} 2 (4) being present.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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StatePublished - Jan 17 2005


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