Profiling food volatiles by comprehensive two-dimensional ga schromatography coupled with mass spectrometry: Advanced fingerprinting approaches for comparative analysis of the volatile fraction of roasted hazelnuts (Corylus avellana L.) from different origins

Chiara Cordero, Erica Liberto, Carlo Bicchi, Patrizia Rubiolo, Peter Schieberle, Stephen E. Reichenbach, Qingping Tao

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This study examined how advanced fingerprinting methods (i.e., non-targeted methods) provide reliable and specific information about groups of samples based on their component distribution on the GC × GC chromatographic plane. The volatile fractions of roasted hazelnuts (Corylus avellana L.) from nine different geographical origins, comparably roasted for desirable flavor and texture, were sampled by headspace-solid phase micro extraction (HS-SPME) and then analyzed by GC × GC-qMS. The resulting patterns were processed by: (a) " chromatographic fingerprinting" , i.e., a pattern recognition procedure based on retention-time criteria, where peaks correspondences were established through a comprehensive peak pattern covering the chromatographic plane; and (b) " comprehensive template matching" with reliable peak matching, where peak correspondences were constrained by retention time and MS fragmentation pattern similarity criteria. Fingerprinting results showed how the discrimination potential of GC × GC can be increased by including in sample comparisons and correlations all the detected components and, in addition, provide reliable results in a comparative analysis by locating compounds with a significant role. Results were completed by a chemical speciation of volatiles and sample profiling was extended to known markers whose distribution can be correlated to sensory properties, geographical origin, or the effect of thermal treatment on different classes of compounds. The comprehensive approach for data interpretation here proposed may be useful to assess product specificity and quality, through measurable parameters strictly and consistently correlated to sensory properties and origin.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)5848-5858
Number of pages11
JournalJournal of Chromatography A
Issue number37
StatePublished - Sep 1 2010



  • Comprehensive template matching fingerprinting
  • Corylus avellana L. volatile fraction
  • Fingerprint analysis
  • GC×GC
  • Key-aroma markers
  • Roasted hazelnut

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