Photoproduct selectivity in reactions involving singlet and triplet excited states within bile salt micelles

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Generally, photochemical reactions tend to give more than one product. For such reactions to be useful one should be able to control them to yield a single product. Of the many approaches used in this context, the use of reaction media with features different from those of isotropic solutions has been very effective. We provide results of our studies on four reactions within bile salt micelles (cholic acid and deoxycholic acid). These four reactions involve homolytic cleavage of a C-C or C-O bond to yield either a singlet or triplet radical pair. The bile salt micelles control the rotational and translational mobilities of the radical pair, resulting in photoproduct selectivity. The dynamic nature of the bile salt micelles results in differential effects on the singlet and triplet radical pairs.

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Publication statusPublished - Feb 28 2006


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