Nucleotide sequence analysis and heterologous expression of the Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae dnaJ gene

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DNA sequence analysis of chromosomal DNA from the Gram-positive facultative intracellular pathogen, Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae has identified a dnaJ heat shock gene homolog. A 1109-bp open reading frame encoding dnaJ is located immediately 3′ to the E. rhusiopathiae dnaK gene. The deduced DnaJ amino acid sequence exhibits the modular structure of other members of the DnaJ protein class including a glycine-rich region and the repeating consensus sequence CXXCXGXGX. Heterologous expression of the dnaJ sequence in Escherichia coli resulted in accumulation of a unique 38.9-kDa protein with an isoelectric point of 8.0. Deletion analysis of the dnaJ gene was used to confirm that the overproduced protein was encoded by the dnaJ sequence.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)79-85
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JournalFEMS Microbiology Letters
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Jul 15 1993


  • DnaJ
  • Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae
  • Heat-shock
  • Pathogen

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