NotI linking/jumping clones of human chromosome 3: Mapping of the TFRC, RAB7 and HAUSP genes to regions rearranged in leukemia and deleted in solid tumors

V. I. Kashuba, R. Z. Gizatullin, A. I. Protopopov, R. Allikmets, S. Korolev, J. Li, F. Boldog, K. Tory, V. Zabarovska, Z. Marcsek, J. Sumegi, G. Klein, E. R. Zabarovsky, L. Kisselev

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By applying the 'recognition mask' strategy to 300 mammalian sequences containing NotI sites we demonstrated that 5' ends of genes are highly enriched in NotI sites. A NotI linking clone NL2-252 (D3S1678) containing transferrin receptor (TFRC) gene was used as an initial point for chromosomal jumping. One of the jumping clones, J21-045 traverses 210 kbp and links NL2-252 to NL26 (D3S1632), a NotI linking clone containing highly polymorphic sequences. The TFRC gene was mapped to 3q29, close to the telomeric marker D3S2344, by linkage analysis, a panel of hybrid cell lines, GeneBridge 4 panel and FISH. Clone NLM-007 (D3S4302) was found to contain ras-homologous gene RAB7. By FISH and a panel of hybrid cell lines this gene was mapped to 3q21. This region is of particular interest due to frequent rearrangements in different tapes of leukemia. Clone L2-081 (D3S4283) containing new member of ubiquitin-specific proteases (HAUSP gene) was localized in 3p21 inspiring further investigation of involvement of this gene in development of lung and renal carcinomas.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)181-185
Number of pages5
JournalFEBS Letters
Issue number2-3
Publication statusPublished - Dec 15 1997



  • Cancer related gene
  • Gene mapping
  • Human chromosome 3
  • NotI jumping clone
  • NotI linkin clone

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