Magnetic hardening in FePt nanostructured films

J. P. Liu, Y. Liu, C. P. Luo, Z. S. Shan, D. J. Sellmyer

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FePt films have been prepared by sputtering Fe/Pt multilayers onto glass or silicon substrates. The thickness of the Fe and Pt layers was adjusted with the Fe:Pt atomic ratio from about 1:1 to 2:1. Magnetic hardening is observed after heat treatment at elevated temperatures, which led to coercivity values exceeding 20 kOe in samples with an Fe:Pt ratio around 1.2:1. The hardening originates from the formation of the tetragonal FePt phase with high magnetocrystalline anisotropy and a favorable microstructure. Two-phase composite films containing hard and soft phases were obtained when the Fe:Pt ratio increased. Under optimized processing conditions, composite films with energy products larger than 30 MG Oe at room temperature have been successfully produced.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)5644-5646
Number of pages3
JournalJournal of Applied Physics
Issue number8 PART 2B
StatePublished - Apr 15 1997


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Liu, J. P., Liu, Y., Luo, C. P., Shan, Z. S., & Sellmyer, D. J. (1997). Magnetic hardening in FePt nanostructured films. Journal of Applied Physics, 81(8 PART 2B), 5644-5646.