Enhanced L10 ordering and (001) orientation in FePt: Ag nanocomposite films by monatomic layer deposition

Y. S. Yu, T. A. George, W. L. Li, L. P. Yue, W. D. Fei, Haibo Li, D. J. Sellmyer

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The magnetic and structural properties of atomic-scale [Fe/Pt] 18and [Fe/Pt/Ag] 18multilayer films annealed at 350 and 400°C have been investigated. The results indicate that, by introducing thin Ag addition layers, the ordering temperature of FePt with nominal 7.4-nm thickness (excluding Ag thickness) can be significantly reduced to 350°C, at which a relatively large coercivity is achieved. When annealing temperature increases to 400°C, the atomic-scale [Fe/Pt] 18and [Fe/Pt/Ag] 18multilayer films show (001) orientation. The reduced diffusion length of atoms in atomic-scale multilayer films and an enhanced atomic diffusion coefficient produced by Ag doping led to the low-temperature ordering and (001) orientation of L10 FePt phase.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number5467666
Pages (from-to)1817-1820
Number of pages4
JournalIEEE Transactions on Magnetics
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Jun 1 2010



  • Coercivity
  • Iron-platinum (FePt)
  • Magnetic recording
  • Multilayer films

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