Effects of chronic nicotine pretreatment on (+)‐amphetamine and nicotine‐induced synthesis and release of [3H]dopamine from [3H]tyrosine in rat nucleus accumbens


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Abstract— The effects of chronic (14 day) administration of nicotine (1·5 mg kg−1 day−1) on the rat nucleus accumbens have been examined. Pretreatment of animals with nicotine increased the endogenous level of dopamine. The ability of (+)‐amphetamine to stimulate formation and release of [3H]dopamine from [3H]tyrosine was greatly potentiated in tissue slices from the nucleus accumbens of rats pretreated with nicotine. Furthermore, nicotine was effective in stimulating the formation and release of from [3H]dopamine from [3H]tyrosine in tissue slices from chronic nicotine‐treated animals. 1989 Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain

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JournalJournal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology
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Publication statusPublished - Jan 1989


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