Clonal karyotypic abnormalities of the hereditary multiple exostoses chromosomal loci 8q24.1 (EXT1) and 11p11-12 (EXT2) in patients with sporadic and hereditary osteochondromas

Julia A. Bridge, Mari Nelson, Charlotte Örndal, Paramjit Bhatia, James R. Neff

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BACKGROUND. Osteochondroma most frequently arises sporadically and as a solitary lesion, but also may arise as multiple lesions characterizing the autosomal dominant disorder hereditary multiple exostoses (HME) and the contiguous gene syndromes Langer-Giedion and DEFECT-11 syndromes. HME is genetically heterogeneous with association of three loci including 8q24.1 (EXT1), 11p11-12 (EXT2), and 19p (EXT3). Constitutional chromosomal microdeletions of 8q24.1 and 11p11-12 are features of the Langer-Giedion and DEFECT-11 syndromes, respectively. Cytogenetic studies of osteochondroma are rare. METHODS. Cytogenetic analysis was performed on 34 osteochondroma specimens from 22 patients with sporadic lesions and 4 patients with HME utilizing standard methodologies. Fluorescence in situ hybridization with chromosome specific probes was performed on three cases to define structural rearrangements further. RESULTS. Clonal abnormalities were detected in ten cases. Notably, deletion of 11p11-13 was observed in one case (a sporadic tumor) and loss or rearrangement of 8q22-24.1 in eight cases (seven sporadic and one hereditary tumor). CONCLUSIONS. These findings: 1) confirm previous observations of 8q24.1 karyotypic anomalies in sporadic osteochondroma, 2) reveal the presence of somatic chromosomal anomalies in hereditary osteochondromata, 3) suggest that similar to hereditary lesions, sporadic osteochondromas also are genetically heterogeneic (involvement of both 8q24.1 and 11p11-12), and 4) support the hypothesis that loss or mutation of EXT1 and EXT2, two putative tumor suppressor genes, may be important in the pathogenesis of sporadic as well as hereditary osteochondromata.

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Publication statusPublished - May 1 1998



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