Booster immunization of HIV-1 negative volunteers with HGP-30 vaccine induces protection against HIV-1 virus challenge in SCID mice

P. S. Sarin, James E Talmadge, P. Heseltine, N. Murcar, Howard Eliot Gendelman, R. Coleman, L. Kelsey, S. Beckner, D. Winship, J. Kahn

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Eleven HIV-1 seronegative subjects previously injected with an HIV-1 p17 synthetic peptide vaccine (HGP-30) were given two booster immunizations to evaluate memory cell responses and the ability to boost cellular and humoral immune responses. Five of 11 subjects showed a significant increase in their antibody titres to HGP-30 or p17 and 6/11 had T-cell proliferation responses to either HGP-30 or p17. HIV-1 virus challenge studies in SCID mice demonstrated that 39 of 50 mice (78%) receiving PBMC from 5 of the HGP-30 immunized subjects were protected from infection with a different strain of HIV-1 compared to 4 of 30 mice (13%) that received PBMC from 3 non-immunized subjects (p < 0.001). These studies show that booster immunizations with HGP- 30 vaccine are safe and non-toxic and induce protective cell mediated immune responses.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 1999



  • HGP-30
  • HIV-1 vaccine
  • SCID mice

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