A partially testable, predictive model of psychosocial factors in the etiology of cervical cancer ii. bioimmunological, psychoneuroimmunological, and socioimmunological aspects, critique and prospective integration

Karl Goodkin, Michael H. Antoni, Bernd Sevin, Bernard H. Fox

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This review is the companion to the foregoing paper critically reviewing research on the biological, psychological and social aspects of the etiology of cervical cancer. The immune system mediates some (but not all) of the effects of these factors. Factors with relevant immunological associations for cervical oncogenesis are examined here. A critical review of research presented in both papers is offered at the conclusion of each aspect. This is followed by a tabular summary of the immunological studies relevant to the biological, psychological and social aspects of cervical cancer. Estimated likelihoods of association for the immunological factors selected within each aspect are given based upon both the number and quality of studies conducted, and are followed by selected comments. The paper concludes with a theoretical integration of the entire model (represented in both reviews) and the promulgation of a set of integrative hypotheses across domains (including their immunological aspects) for the purpose of illustrating the potential utility of this model in addressing future research questions.

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StatePublished - Jul 1993


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